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Who We Are

Xepals International company is a pan african company, an emerging economic frontier into diffrent fields in Energy, Finance, Agriculture, Real estate, Transportation, Communication and Community Development

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a platform for viable alternative to the development of african enterprise and job creation.

We have four firms that are members of the xepals international company, which are:

The refiling and sales of cooking gas, gas cylinders, installations of gas plants, maintenance. We also engage in the upstream sector of petroleum products

A merchant, providing financial inclusion services to the grassroots market. A micro-finace and credit company, we are emerging business financial provider and financial advisers

A member of xepals international company, the agricultural production and processing company, we produce different food products and process them into various food chain

A cooperative created to add value and foster economic growth in the grassroot and among her members

Our driving force in Agriculture; to create more value chain, making food available, accessible and reducing food waste


De Parach Agro Ventures offers the following products and services

  1. We are into poutry production for birds, meat, frozen foods and eggs
  2. We produce pigs for pock meat
  3. cassava plantation for cassava value chain
  4. We are also into rice farming for production of qulity rice

De Parach Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited

our products and services under the cooperative are as follows:

  1. The real estate project
    • In this project the cooperative helps its members and the public to own landed properties and helps them to develop it with a flexible financial plan
  2. Save to pay
    • The cooperative helps her members to save for houses, shops or offices, rent and also school fee of their children
  3. The cooperative also give out trainings and loans for her members who are intrested in the following areas of business:
    • Exportaion of agricultural products
    • Access funds for your export products
    • Agriculutral loans for quipments, seedlings and fertilizer
    • Crop and animal farming education
    • Fabrication of farming equipment
    • Access to masive land for agricultural and bussiness loans


is a financial inclusion service company, a non-banking company that offers banking services. And we are emerging trading small business financial and agribusiness solutions firm in Africa. XEPALSe-CREDIT is an integral member of XEPALS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY

  1. CASH CONTRIBUTIONS: This is a different saving plan that suits each individual need of our entire customer.
    • e-credit progress” saving plan is a target saving plan for a particular duration, that helps a customer actualize a particular project, in business or their personal life. This target plan has so much benefit that accompanies it, like competitive interest of attached to it. For the duration of 6months the customer gets 5% interest monthly. And for the 12months duration, the customer gets 5% interest monthly and 10% interest at the end of the year. The minimum amount for saving in this package will be #5,000.
    • e-credit easy go” suits customers who wish to keep money aside for the rainy day, with no desire to grow. The least amount for saving in this package is #200. This plan is a regular system which the customer enjoys a fixed service fee, irrespective of amount contributed on average. And there is a charge of 5% of the total amount for every month.
    • e-classic 5 plus” this are customers in a group of a multiple of five persons, in the same environment, institution, market line, work place. Who save at least a multiple of Five Thousand naira monthly? With duration of a multiple of five months, this package comes with a interest of 10% at the end of a multiple of five months.
  2. EQUITY FUNDING: we partner with growing businesses, providing funds, with the aim of fostering rapid growth, equity funding is a smooth way businesses have funds without interest. The funds are given to boast business productivity and increase business returns. In the package you get loans without paying interest. There is a 90days challenge attached to this package. The individual that wants to get loan must embark on a 90days challenge, saving #500 every day for the next 90day, before he access up to #100, 000(maximum) payable within 90days.
  3. MATCHING FUND: also known as AUTO-REPLACE Matching fund, as the name implies, this is a replacement fund for keke, shuttle and other machines, like generator, printing press machines etc.
  4. CASH TRANSFER: we offer cash-in, cash-out, bill payments, airtime recharge, funds transfer, from bank to card, and vice-versa.
We provide a platform for viable alternative to the development of african enterprice and job creation.

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