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ROYCE & XEPALZ LIMITED is the holding company of all members of XEPALS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY.

We a Pan African Business Empire, with interest in Agriculture, Finance, Pure Energy, Real Estate Development, ICT and Media. We are always evolving with the times and creating solutions, platforms, products and services, which aid the growth of SMEs and big businesses.

The company started its operations in 2015, in the finance sector as thrift and savings, in the Pure Energy sector as a cooking gas refilling, with edge at pickup and delivery services. Real estate business of buying and selling landed properties, and agriculture we started cultivating cassava and processing it into finished products.

  • TIME MANAGEMENT; We understand that time is an important treasure, and every job, target, assignment, must be done within the time frame given for the project.
  • CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP; every customer we have and create daily, are our greatest asset, We do everything possible to educate, persuade, keep, wow our customers. So relationship with customer is vital, we are here to serve them.
  • PROFESSIONALISM; our relationship with colleagues, customers, partners, and other businesses, must be professional in every sense of it.
  • EXCELLENCE; everything we do must be done excellently well, we do not manage work, and results, we execute projects excellently, irrespective of the budget of our clients.

Our Solutions

We are currently in the frontier of the agency banking and financial inclusion service in Nigeria, we serve the under banked and the unbanked. And on the Pure Energy, we are currently a household name in the sales and distribution of cooking gas, with a strong prospect for solar energy.

Our management team for each company are well grounded in each of the industry they oversee, and our work force are well and constantly been trained, and we all have the responsibility to serve our clients, whether individual, or corporate client.

Our services and solutions are proven over the years to satisfy our growing customers and place us on a path of success.

Our Objectives

  1. MUTUAL BENEFITS ENSURING; we at XEPAL, ensures that both we and they with whom we do business-whether employees, customers, company partners, suppliers genuinely benefits from the business interaction. Each business interaction should be for the highest good of the people involved. For us, our business is about fostering wellbeing on all levels.
  2. PROMOTING AWARENESS AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY; awareness and self-responsibility mean the difference between surviving the entry of a competitor and not surviving the entry of a competitor. We at XEPALS have cultivated an external environment that runs on individual responsibility, where employees have a greater than usual share of both the reward and risk in operating the enterprise. Which include employee created job descriptions and employee driven performance reviews, feedback on their performances, finally we set high standards for quality work regardless of customer’s revenue category. Everything we do whether it’s free or high budget, looks good. Relationship, quality and service.

GENERATING REVENUE AS A MEANS RATHER THAN THE PRIMARY GOAL; at XEPALS we know that the numerical bottom line is but one aspect of operational effectiveness: the numbers are a means by which the enterprise can be a reliable vehicle for contribution of quality life. Ideally we have both the passion for our product, our commitment to deliver and handling on our books.

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